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A Message from Destin's Wife, Heather

“Trying to describe Destin in a few paragraphs is hard, but I’ll try. The line at his visitation went out the door full of friends, family, coworkers and community members, but a few stood out that I didn’t expect to see. Several cooks from his first job, the lady that altered his work uniforms, titans fans who sat beside us at games and even citizens he had pulled over. Some of these people hadn’t seen Destin in years and some just had short interactions with him, but they all showed up. They showed up because Destin made a positive impact in their lives. He had this insane ability to make friends wherever he went and was so respectful to everyone. Destin had a genuine nature that attracted others and made you instantly feel comfortable. His personality was made perfectly complete with the kindest heart. 


They say opposites attract and that rang true in our relationship. We couldn’t have been more different and that’s what made it work. I met Destin in 2008 and we instantly became best friends. We started dating two years later and got married on September 24, 2016 which is still my favorite day of all time. I’ve never felt more beautiful and not just because of the way I looked, but because it was the beginning of a beautiful life with the love of my life.


I think most everyone wants to leave the world a better place and in only 30 short years, Destin was able to accomplish just that. He loved his people well, selflessly served with integrity and compassion and brought an entire community together. It’s now been placed in our hearts to continue his legacy and the mission of this foundation is to keep doing good in honor of our hero.


Destin, I hope to live a life that makes you as proud of me as I am of you. I love you with all my heart and I’ll never stop missing you.”

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