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Darren Barnes has called the first meeting of a group interested in forming a non profit organization that benefits the charities that Officer Destin Legieza had supported prior to his untimely passing in 2020. Those in attendance for this first meeting at Jonathans on 08/07/2021 at 3 PM are:


Darren Barnes

Tony Clifford

Leonora Clifford 

Dave Longwill (Pup)

Joyce Legieza

Chaz Morton


Not Present 


John Dolan

Ricky Kelly


Darren is leading the meeting and a discussion regarding setting up an official non-profit named Destin Legieza Foundation with the board members as follows:

Darren Barnes Chair

Leonora Clifford Secretary

Joyce Legieza Treasurer


Chaz Morton discusses the legal process to set up a 501C3 nonprofit. The first will be to obtain an EIN number and and set up a TN non profit corporation which will have a cost of $800. A physical address is needed and some discussion regarding choosing an address was had with no firm decision at this time. Chaz will go ahead and apply for an EIN number using his address and we will advise him of the physical address when one is decided. to set up the TN nonprofit corporation.


A bank account will be set up with a locally owned bank. No decision on the specific bank was made and no account can be set up until an EIN number is obtained. Joyce will lead the placement of the account as she is treasurer and it should be convenient for her.



The major fundraiser that is being explored is planned for June 18, 2022 at Dolan's Venue. It seats 3000 with 1500-2000 a realistic attendance expectation. Entertainment was discussed and several in attendance have contacts with artists and will begin reaching out. Dave (Pup) has many years in the event business and will provide guidance as needed. Darren has been in contact with Special Olympics as one beneficiary of the raised funds and they are on board with the fundraiser. Darren has also left messages for MADD but has not reached anyone as of this meeting. The funds raised after expenses will be donated to Special Olympics but is not limited to this organization. The attendance of athlete ambassadors at the event is anticipated from Special Olympics.


Email set up for board members is discussed with Google emails being decided upon as well as moving ahead with securing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the Foundation. Tony Clifford will take charge of setting up a website using a butterfly in a prominent design as this is special to Julie Wall, Destin's mother. 


Joyce discussed the need for Directors & Officers insurance as this organization grows as well as insurance for the main fundraiser. Dave suggests an event policy for that date which will address any liability at the venue. Leonora will work on getting some applications we can get quotes on these coverages.


The meeting is ended.


Leonora Clifford



615-481-9473 (cell)

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