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The second meeting of the Destin Legieza foundation was held 08/19/2021 at Jonathan's at 5.00 pm. Those in attendance were 


Darren Barnes

Joyce Legieza

Tony Clifford

Leonora Clifford

Brent Rousey


Darren opened the meeting with the information that the charter for the non profit has been done and received by Chaz Morton. He is awaiting the EIN number and also needs to complete paperwork to register as a TN non profit corporation. Scott Legieza has offered to fund the creation of this entity with a donation of $900. The charter cost is $100 and the cost to register with the state is $650. Chaz Morton will continue this paperwork and use the physical address of Harley-Davidson of Columbia 1616 Harley Davidson Blvd Columbia, TN  38401. This location is owned by Ricky Kelly.


Officer Brent Rousey has agreed to join Darren Barnes as Co Chairmen of the Destin Legieza Foundation. Officer Rousey had a close relationship with Destin and is also involved with Special Olympics. 


A bank account will be set up at a local bank when the EIN number is received. We are waiting for the state to assign one. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are now all set up as well as a website. Darren will follow Roberts Rules for our meeting organization and to assure good order to any decisions. We will decide on bylaws and possibly model them after an existing non profit.


The initial board has been expanded to include additional members and is as follows:


Darren Barnes and Brent Rousey    Co Chairs

Leonora Clifford   Secretary

Joyce Legieza   Treasurer



Tony Clifford

Jay Lewis (pending)

Chaz Morton

Ricky Kelly

Dave Longwill (Pup)

John Dolan

Adam Barnes 


Tony Clifford motions to accept the board and Leonora Clifford seconds as motion carries. Darren Barnes proposes a 50% quorum to approve normal business and motions. Tony Cliffords makes motion to approve this motion and Joyce Legieza seconds as motion carries.


Brent has been involved with Special Olympics and will be the contact point between the Foundation and the Special Olympics. Brent also brings up the suggestion of making and selling hats to generate funds as he has done in the past. He will research this possibility. The hats sold for $30.00 with a custom patch designed by Brent.


Tony Clifford has the website up and there are 60 signed up for email updates presently. The website will officially be launched on 08/26/2021 which is Destin's 32nd birthday. 


Darren brings the board up to date on plans for the 06/18/2022 event. Contacts are being made with Little Big Town, SAD has agreed to display their motorcycle, contacts are being made with THP, Highway safety office and MADD.  MADD will await the outcome of the trial now set for early 2022 to commit. Local artists are also being contacted for possible participation.


Emails continue to be set up for board members or a preferred email can be shared. A logo is discussed which may involve family members and also possibly public input. We would like to incorporate existing videos on the Facebook page within legal boundaries. A discussion of possibly using QR codes to link to donation sites is held and to promote the Foundation. Tony Clifford will look into setting these up and using them on promotional materials such as business cards. 


The option of obtaining a P.O. Box is discussed ,but no decision was made.


The possibility of a golf tournament is mentioned as a fundraiser to offset the expenses we will incur. Leonora mentioned having a hole in one tournament either as a stand along event or along with a tournament. 


Meeting places are also discussed with Tony and Darren suggesting the Elks Lodge as noise is an issue at our present place. They will find out of that is a possibility going forward. We will meet at 5:30 the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month for now. 


The meeting ended with a discussion of selling advertising on the website as well as looking to set a fundraising goal for the organization. 




Leonora Clifford



615-481-9473 (cell)

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