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The meeting of the Destin Legieza Foundation was called to order at 6:00 pm at
the Cool Springs Marriott.


Those attending were Darren Barnes, Tony Clifford, Leonora
Clifford, Joyce Legieza, and Brent Rowsey. Adam Barnes attended via Facetime. 
Tony makes a motion to accept the minutes from the prior meeting and Joyce
seconds. Motion is approved.


The treasurer report is presented by Joyce. She discusses the requirements for a
nonprofit bank account which involves some personal information on signers. Joyce
feels this info should be hand delivered and will take care of this. She will also take care
of requirements to make an initial deposit into the account. Leonora motions to accept
Joyce taking care of these requirements, Brent seconds. Motion is approved. 

Tony discusses the possibility of a logo design with the website Fiver. There are
several options presented with different developers starting at $30.00. He makes the
point that a simple as possible design is desirable to keep reproduction costs as low as
possible for T shirts and hats as well as banners, etc.


We need the logo in various formats for reproduction. The process is to send the concept along with desired design elements to the designer and let them send a logo back. Many have a 24-hour
turnaround. Brent has a concern that some examples look like clipart. Tony says that
these logos can be copyrighted and should all be original designs.
Brent wants the logo to have a flair to it and be attractive for selling t-shirts and
hats. Darren has an original design from Jeff Carson which incorporates a butterfly and
thin blue line. The butterfly was a request from Julie, Destin's mother. Brent has a
concern the butterfly is more of a personal family connection and may not represent all
his interests. The number 282 needs to be incorporated and is very recognizable in
Brentwood as Destin's badge number. Three elements are important to the logo.
Butterfly, thin blue line, and the number 282. Tony will submit the first logo concept to
Fiver and see what is received back. Leo motions to make first submission to Fiver and
Joyce seconds and it is approved. 

Brent will reach out to Special Olympics for MOU.
Darren brings up Nissan fundraiser and currently the requirements and time
commitment are too much for us to attempt.

Joyce discusses the fee from the federal government for nonprofit status is $600.
It appears we need to get the 1023 form from the federal government first and then
apply with the State of TN which has a $50.00 fee. There is a form 1023 EZ for

nonprofits which make less than 50k and that may apply to us. We will review the 1023
EZ at next meeting.

The next meeting will be Thursday Nov 4th at 5:30 pm at the Marriott. The next meeting
in November will be November 18th at Sportsman’s Lodge at 5:30 p.m. Darren adjourns
the meeting.


Leonora Clifford



615-481-9473 (cell)

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